VMware vSphere 6 — финальный анонс новой версии

VMware vSphere 6 — финальный анонс новой версии

финальный анонс VMware vSphere 6

Как уже было сообщено ранее — в течении всего февраля компания VMware проводит крупнейшее онлайн мероприятие, в рамках которого происходит анонс различных продуктов, новых функций и специфик ПО. Так, 3 февраля 2015 года Pat Gelsinger и Ben Fath анонсировали VMware vSphere 6! Этого события ждали многие ИТ специалисты, сейчас представляю вашему вниманию краткий список нововведений и функций новой версии гипервизора:

  • vSphere 6
    • Virtual Volumes
      • Want “Virtual SAN” alike policy based management for your traditional storage systems? That is what Virtual Volumes will bring in vSphere 6.0. If you ask me this is the flagship feature in this release.
    • Long Distance vMotion
    • Cross vSwitch and vCenter vMotion
    • vMotion of MSCS VMs using pRDMs
    • vMotion L2 adjacency restrictions are lifted!
    • vSMP Fault Tolerance
    • Content Library
    • NFS 4.1 support
    • Instant Clone aka VMFork
    • vSphere HA Component Protection
    • Storage DRS and SRM support
    • Storage DRS deep integration with VASA to understand thin provisioned, deduplicated, replicated or compressed datastores!
    • Network IO Control per VM reservations
    • Storage IOPS reservations
    • Introduction of Platform Services Controller architecture for vCenter
      • SSO, licensing, certificate authority services are grouped and can be centralized for multiple vCenter Server instances
    • Linked Mode support for vCenter Server Appliance
    • Web Client performance and usability improvements
    • Max Config:
      • 64 hosts per cluster
      • 8000 VMs per cluster
      • 480 CPUs per host
      • 12TB of memory
      • 1000 VMs per host
      • 128 vCPUs per VM
      • 4TB RAM per VM
    • vSphere Replication
      • Compression of replication traffic configurable per VM
      • Isolation of vSphere Replication host traffic
    • vSphere Data Protection now includes all vSphere Data Protection Advanced functionality
      • Up to 8TB of deduped data per VDP Appliance
      • Up to 800 VMs per VDP Appliance
      • Application level backup and restore of SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint
      • Replication to other VDP Appliances and EMC Avamar
      • Data Domain support
  • Virtual SAN 6
    • All flash configurations
    • Blade enablement through certified JBOD configurations
    • Fault Domain aka “Rack Awareness”
    • Capacity planning / “What if scenarios”
    • Support for hardware-based checksumming / encryption
    • Disk serviceability (Light LED on Failure, Turn LED on/off manually etc)
    • Disk / Diskgroup maintenance mode aka evacuation
    • Virtual SAN Health Services plugin
    • Greater scale
      • 64 hosts per cluster
      • 200 VMs per host
      • 62TB max VMDK size
      • New on-disk format enables fast cloning and snapshotting
      • 32 VM snapshots
      • From 20K IOPS to 40K IOPS in hybrid configuration per host (2x)
      • 90K IOPS with All-Flash per host

Следите за обновлениями блога, вскоре появятся дополнительная информация по продуктам VMware.


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